Stephanie Stouffer

  • In the fall of 2008 I fulfilled my longtime dream of opening a gallery attached to my studio. It gives me the opportunity to finally share my work with the local community, and those traveling through. Visitors have the chance to browse and meet the artist. I have been delighted by the reaction of many who step through the door, and exclaim that they have been buying my designs (especially on Caspari Cards) for years...and had no idea I was here! All the items in my Gallery Gift Shop have been produced from my original artwork and designs, and many are no longer available on the open market.

  • Address
    (802) 259-2686
    250 Maple Hill Road
    Belmont, Vermont 05730
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  • Gallery Gift Shop is open most weekends 10am-4pm., anytime I am working in my studio and the flag is out, and by request — Call (802) 259-2686.

  • Please visit to view my complete portfolio.