Stephanie Stouffer

Stephanie Stouffer Stephanie Stouffer lives in the quiet and beauty of rural Vermont, a place which nourishes her and her art. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, and for ten years was a designer with Hallmark Cards. There she received extensive experience designing for the social expression and decorative accessories markets. Since 1983 she has been working freelance, and her art is licensed on many products, including Rugs, Tapestries, Needlepoint Pillows, Stoneware, and Caspari Cards. Many of these, plus original art and prints, are on display in her gallery, and have been best sellers both here and abroad.

Stephanie’s designs, frequently incorporating animals and flowers, are warm, whimsical, and painted in a palette of exquisite colors. She can make traditional symbols seem fresh and new with her decorative flair and rich imagination. She has gained a reputation as an innovative artist who is a leader in design trends.

“In all my art I strive to seek new design challenges, to know myself, and to bring delight to others.”